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Our Story


Our restaurant is a quaint place that puts heart and talent into every meal we make.

Serving people quality food they thoroughly enjoy is a huge accomplishment that we strive to achieve each time we have a customer in our restaurant. All our meals are created to spread comfort and deliciousness, and nothing screams this than our main dish, the legendary Gamjatang. What we can guarantee at our restaurant, is you will have an authentic Gamjatang that is hearty and absolutely delicious.

The Gamjatang is a spicy, hearty stew made with pork bones and potatoes. While most people usually think that Gamjatang is named after potatoes since the Korean name for potatoes is Gamja. In this case, Gamja refers to the pork neck bones used to create the stew. The pork bones are the star of this spicy stew.

The stew is usually cooked for long until the meat is so tender, it is falling off its bones. Gamjatang also includes vegetables such as potatoes, onions, mushrooms, perilla leaves, and powder, and other Korean fermented condiments to create a multi-flavored, spicy, and milky stew base that is absolutely delicious.

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